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Tutti-Nove® is dedicated to the proposition that all humans are created unconscious.

Tutti-Nove covers three sites, one in the physical world and two on the Web. The two on the Web are the present site—Tutti-Nove – tracing the unconscious—and the blog delay @ tutti-nove. To get to the ones on the Web, you just click on their names. Reaching the one in the physical world will necessitate some travelling.

In our age of cyber-space and proliferating objects of all kinds, emphasizing location is timely. Might we forget the lingering limits of our bodies and that we emerge as subjects in seas of language at specific junctures in space-time? Tutti-Nove is also a name, words in language. As such it entwines the local with the global, here in cyberspace too, where a place is called a site. "Tutti nove" is easily mistaken to mean "brand new" in Italian—as "toute neuve" in French. Perhaps in the expectation of invigorating renewal.

And why not? But how? On what conditions? "Brand new" in Italian is "tutto nuovo" or "tutta nuova." Tutti nove means "all nine": perhaps a large family with two parents and seven children. Even when we are alone or speaking of ourselves, we are part of a network and cannot express ourselves but as part of that network. In psychoanalysis that network has a name: the unconscious.

Skyscrapers in Seattle

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